Tuesday, September 8, 2020






Welcome Reception



Wednesday, September 9



Registration and Breakfast in Exhibit Hall


Opening Remarks
Samuel Asirvatham


Session I
Fundamentals of Electrophysiology

7:30AM-7:55AM   The Underlying Anatomy for the Atrial Flutters That You Will See
Samuel Asirvatham
7:55AM-8:15AM   The Underlying Physiology: Entrainment
William Stevenson
8:15AM-8:30AM   Illustrative Case and Discussion
Jackson Liang
8:30AM-8:50AM   Panel Discussion with Audience Participation
    Session II
Mapping: Making Your Skills Exact
8:50AM-9:15AM   Mapping Focal Tachycardias
David Wilber
9:15AM-9:30AM   Illustrative Case and Discussion
Ammar Killu
9:30AM-9:50AM   Comparison of Common Commercially Available Mapping Systems: The Basics
Suraj Kapa
9:50AM-10:35AM   Illustrative Case and Discussion: Case Analyses with New Mapping Systems
Hiroshi Nakagawa
10:35AM-10:50AM   Recap Review Panel Discussion with Audience Participation
10:50AM-11:20AM   Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall
    Session III
Techniques for Safety with AF Ablation
11:20AM-11:45AM   Pulmonary Vein Isolation: The Basics
Samuel Asirvatham
11:45AM-12:00PM   Illustrative Case #1 and Discussion
Samuel Asirvatham
12:00PM-12:20PM   Linear Ablation: How to Avoid Proarrhythmia
Francis Marchlinski
12:20PM-12:40PM   Illustrative Case #2 and Discussion: The Roof Line
Suraj Kapa
12:40PM-12:55PM   Illustrative Case #3 and Discussion: Box lesion
Ammar Killu
12:55PM-1:15PM   Recap Review Panel Discussion with Audience Participation
1:15PM-2:15PM   Lunch in Exhibit Hall
    Session IV
Dealing with Complex VT Ablation
2:15PM-2:40PM   Mapping Stable VT
Francis Marchlinski

Illustrative Case #1 and Discussion
William Stevenson

2:55PM-3:15PM   Substrate Modification for Unstable VT
William Stevenson

Illustrative Case #2 and Discussion
David Wilber


Illustrative Case #3 and Discussion: Combined Approaches and Discussion
Jackson Liang

3:45PM-4:05PM   Session Recap, Panel Discussion with Audience Participation
    Session V
VT in the Normal Heart: Expect Success but not Always Easy
4:05PM-4:30PM   Approach for Outflow Tract VT
Samuel Asirvatham
4:30PM-4:45PM   Illustrative Case #1 and Discussion
Suraj Kapa
4:45PM-5:05PM   Fascicular VT Targeting the Critical Signals
Hiroshi Nakagawa
5:05PM-5:20PM   Illustrative Case #2 and Discussion: Fascicular Trigger for Ventricular Fibrillation
Suraj Kapa
5:20PM-5:40PM   Session Recap and Overview
    Session VI
5:40PM-6:40PM   Use of Single Ventricular Extrastimuli for SVT Diagnosis: Value of Positioning the Ventricular Catheter at the Base, Close to Earliest Atrial Activation
Warren Jackman